A standard issue cavalry. Civil War, Regimental flag, dark blue silk field with a painted Eagle in the center of the flag. The flag is 28"H x 28"W with gold silk fringe on three sides which does not extend around the pole sleeve. The pole sleeve is lined with white cotton fabric, folded over onto itself, turned under .25" and machine sewn onto the field area with two rows of machine straight stitching, 16 SPI. The rows are .125" apart. The machine straight stitching also extends around the top and bottom of the pole sleeve, .25" hi from the outer edge. The "Screaming Eagle" design with the Eagle's head facing the pole sleeve. The Eagle is standing on the shield with an olive branch in the left talon and a cache of arrows in the right talon. Wing tip to wing tip the Eagle is 15.25"W x 6.25"H. There is a red ribbon flowing around the Eagle and through the Eagle's beak with the words "E PLURIBUS UNUM" painted in gold on the part of the ribbon that spreads across in front of the Eagle. The red ribbon has a gold painted edge .063"W. The block lettering is painted gold .313"H x . 125" to .25 "W.

The stars are placed hi two crescent shaped rows above the Eagle near the top of the flag. The first row has 18 stars, the second row 17 stars. The stars are painted gold with red shadowing .063 "W on the sides of the stars that face up and a slightly darker gold shadowing .063 "W on the sides of the stars facing downward. The stars measure 1.125"H x L125"W and are . 125" to .675" apart. The honors "FARMINGTON" and "BOONVILLE" appear above the two crescent shaped rows of stars above the Eagle at the top of the flag. "FARMINGTON" in the upper left corner of the flag and "BOONVILLE" in the upper right comer of the flag. The honors "CORINTH", "NASHVILLE". "IUKA", appear under the Eagle in a half circle, "CORINTH" on the left side of the Eagle. "NASHVILLE" under the Eagle and "IUKA" on the right side of the Eagle. The honors are done in block lettering, painted gold, shaded in black . 125"W on the left side of the letters and shaded in a slightly darker gold . 125"W on the right side of the letters.

The block lettering measures 1.125"Wx 1.125"H. There is a large red banner spreading across under the honors following the same half circle line. The banner is painted red with gold edging . 125"H with a darker shade of gold .063"H just inside the gold paint on the bottom side of the banner. The top side of the banner has a darker red shading . 125"H on the inside of the gold painted border and a .063"H darker gold shading on the outside edge of the brighter gold border. The "2d IOWA VET. VOL. CAV." wording is painted on the banner. The block lettering is painted gold with black shading. 125"H on the left side and a darker gold shading. 125"H on the right side. The letters in this area measure 1.125" to 1.375"H x .313" to 1.675"W. The overall measurement of the red banner is 24.375"W x 2.188"H. There is a white silk label. 4.875"W x 1 "H, hand sewn onto the LRC, reverse, with the lettering "2d. CAVALRY" stenciled on it in black ink or paint. The "2" is .875"H x .675"W, "d CAVALRY", letters measure ,5"H x ,938"W. This label was added hi 1904 when the first stabilization was completed and the flag was encased hi gauze The "Screaming Eagle" is standing on the shield which is 4.5"W x 1.313"H.

The shield is oval shaped with red and gray stripes .125"H, with a bold border around the shield . 125"H, there is black shading . 125"H on the outer left side of the shield and a darker gold shading . 125"H on the inside of the gold border and on the outside of the right side of the shield .063 "H. Finial is made of brass, spade design, with a square central ridge. The central ridge tapers as it approaches the point or tip of the spade. The finial attaches to the finial connector with a threaded end. The surface of the spade is flat with beveled edges.

The finial connector is brass and shaped like a nozzle. There are two screw holes on opposite sides of the connector to attach to the staff. The finial connector is hollow on the inside and threaded at the top end to accept the finial. Staff; is made of oak 104.5"L, tapering at both ends. The finial connector is not attached to the staff. The tip of the staff is unfinished the last 2.675" and is rough-cut where the connector would have been attached. The diam. of the tip is .438" increasing to .813". There is a hole at the top of the tip that is .375" deep and two screw holes on opposite sides .875" and 1.675" from the top. The connector was attached to the staff with two screws. There are no screws with this connector.

The first 30" of the finished wood of the staff is shiny and light in color. At its widest point, the staffs dia. Is 1.25", this point is .375" up from the end cap. At both ends, the diam. of the staff tapers to .875". The brass end cap is 3.675"L with a rounded end and a single lip. The lip starts .25" down from the open end of the end cap and is .188"W. The bottom end of the cap, .75" diam.. increasing to .875". There are two screw holes on opposite sides, 1" and 2.675" from top of the end cap where it attaches to the staff. There are two flat head, single slotted, brass screws, .25"W attaching the cap end to the staff.

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